CIW Database Design Specialist

CIW Database Design Specialist
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Course Description

CIW Database Design Specialist is a home study training course that provides introductory vendor-neutral training for individuals planning to pursue product-focused database specialisation. This course introduces you to mySQL, Microsoft SQL, DB2 and Oracle Database 11g.

You will learn how to plan and design relational databases and about the theory behind relational databases, relational database nomenclature, and relational algebra. The course includes sections on Structured Query Language (SQL) and optimising databases through normalisation. You will apply your knowledge with hands-on labs designed to teach the intricacies of database design methodology.

Course Objectives

This course will enable you to:

Part 1: Relational Database Fundamentals

  • Identify basic database types and management systems
  • List database languages and their purposes, and identify language subsets of Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Identify relational data modelling schemas, characteristics and manipulation

Part 2: Relational Database Design and Application

  • Identify the steps of the database planning life cycle
  • Identify the activities in the conceptual design phase of a database

Part 3: Normalisation and Database Design

  • Apply normalisation techniques and processes
  • Describe logical database design steps and practices
  • Interpret logical data models into a physical data model that can be implemented by a particular database management system (DBMS)

Part 4: Structured Query Language (SQL)

  • Identify SQL commands and syntax
  • Create statements using Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • Form commands using Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Use Data Control Language (DCL) statements to control the access to data in a database and to grant users permissions for data operations

Part 5: Relational Algebra and Databases

  • Define and describe the use of relational algebra in order to create new relationships from existing database relations
  • Compose joins in a database

Part 6: Transactions, Currency Control and Database Security

  • Create transactions and enable currency control
  • Identify elements of database security

Course Components

This course includes the following components:

  • Courseware Study Book
  • Supplemental Materials
  • Course Review
  • Online Exercises
  • Practice Exams
  • Certification Exam Voucher (Optional)

Download the Course Components document for full details.

Course Duration & Support

CIW Database Design Specialist is designed as an instructor led course but can also be used as a home study learning course for individuals who do not have the flexibility to attend traditional classroom training. When used as a home study course you can complete it in your own time and the approximate total study time is 100 hours. Technical support for this course is provided directly by CIW via their student web portal.

Practice Exams

Practice exams are included with this course. They are provided online and are designed to help assess knowledge on specific objectives and reinforce learning. They include Objective Reviews and Quizzes, Reinforcement Tests, Self-Assessment Tests and a time-limited test that consists of a random selection of questions covering all learning objectives. The Practice Exams most closely simulate the experience of the Certification Exam.

Certification Exam

On completion of this course you can apply for the internationally recognised CIW 1D0-541 examination which, if passed, awards the student with the CIW Database Design Specialist Certification. This exam has a time limit of 90 minutes, consists of 50 questions and the passing score is 75%. Exams must be sat at one of the 89 registered Prometric testing centres in the UK. You can purchase a Certification Exam Voucher with this course or at a later date. Certification Exam Vouchers are valid for one year from date of purchase.

Pre-Course Requirements

The CIW Database Design Specialist course is designed for students with a good understanding of IT, computers and the Internet. In addition, a basic knowledge of the purpose and function of a database is recommended. Students should also be familiar with the Microsoft Windows operating system before taking this course as it does not provide entry-level computer literacy. Note: This course is not compatible with Apple computers.

Detailed Course Information

We recommend that you download and read the following documents before purchasing this course.

Database Design Specialist: Detailed Course Description
Database Design Specialist: Course Components
Database Design Specialist: Exam Objectives
Hardware and Software Minimum Requirements


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